Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Seems like people are really mixed on dubstep. So many people are vehemently anti-dubstep, and I kinda wonder why. I think it is the future of music. There are two trends emerging in the music scene, and they are autotune and dubstep. both have been around for a long time, but both are just now getting really popular. I can see why one would hate auto tune, it takes the talent out of music. It can be a cool tool, but so many times it replaces real talent. Dubstep takes just as much talent as any other type of electronic music, and you're definitely living in the past if you think that electronic music is all untalented. Sure some of it is, but the same is true of any genre. I actually think that dubstep on average takes more talent because it cant just use one trance beat for 5 minutes, it has to be unique and mix it up. Plus, the beats are sick. Nothing beats the hard grime beats that penetrate through to your bones. I don't actually have much to write except a general wonder about why people hate dubstep when it's obviously awesome. Heh, here's some videos.


  1. I've never been a big fan of dubstep, but you may persuade me otherwise!

  2. Thanks for the posts man, great tracks

    Listening to some Optimus Gryme at the moment, Dubstep is definitely up my alley but getting a little irritated with the mainstream influence that a lot of the up and comers seem to be bringing. Pendulum is dabling, with moderate success... Will be interesting to see how the genre transforms with time

    Thanks for the post mate, good luck with your blog!


  3. I just love flux pavilion. In case you don't know their 'can't stop' single, check it out.

  4. I like it quite a bit but haven't listened to it in a while. I should get on that right now.

  5. I only got into dubstep recently. Not because I didn't like it before, just because I didn't have access to new types of music (lived in a tiny village).

    Anyway, It's always nice to be introduced to new tracks :)

  6. I can tell you why a lot of people don't like dubstep, because I am one of them. That DJ Fresh song you posted? Have you heard the original? The guy just ripped off his track, slowed it way down, added some bass range and moved it to a 2 step beat. There's a dubstep remix of nearly every song in existence because it's so easy to do that. Want complexity? Drum and bass destroys it. Want darkness and earth shattering bass? Drum and bass destroys it. Dub(step) is an offshoot of breakbeat and drum and bass. Dub has been around for a while, yes.

    A lot of the 'best' dubstep tracks are made by famous DNB artists, such as Noisia - Machine gun, which everyone has heard. It's simple for groups like BSE and Noisia to churn out a dubstep track over DNB.

    What exacerbates dubstep for me is that a lot of these kids that love it seem to think it's somehow underground. While dubstep may make your house sink from the non-stop vibrating basslines, drum and bass rips faces off.

    Don't believe me?

  7. wow, great comment xuian. That's exactly the kind of comment i hope for. I agree that a lot of times dubstep is easy and just rips off other songs, but it can still be a lot of fun. I posted thegold dust video just because it is fun more than anything. Nit grit I feel like actually has talent. And yes, i know that dub comes from dnb, and i love dnb also, but i think dub can offer something more in some cases. Some of my favorite songs are a mix between dnb and dub, and usually when a dnb artist adds some dub. The real face melting tracks imo have elements of both, a faster beat, dub sounds, bumping drum line.

  8. I enjoy some dubstep music, as long as it is slow and heavy.