Thursday, April 21, 2011


"CU cops: Cracking down on 4/20 isn't worth it"

Every year, at CU Boulder, there is a big celebration/"protest" for 4/20. Officially it is a protest of weed still being illegal. In reality, it is a bunch of people getting high in public in front of cops. This year's celebration was no different. Since Boulder already has very progressive laws towards weed, CU makes sense as a place to get together to smoke. Many people from around the state, and even some people from out of the state all congregate from about 3:00 to 4:25 to play music, sit in circles, hoola-hoop, and, of course, smoke lots of weed.

Norlin Quad before...
The police maintain a presence, mostly to intimidate. Obviously, it's working well. ^.^  The fat one looking at the camera told me that his face is trademarked so, "this shit better not end up on Facebook"

Let the ... protest... begin

Everybody's gettin ready

 Versace weed bag and shirt, check
Some never miss the opportunity to capitalize ^.^


Didn't you know? weed is good for you.

And the real party begins

Bananas made it
So did the Ghostbusters

4:00, people as far as the eye can see

4:20!!! Ever wonder what 10,000 people smoking at the same time looks like? Now you know. P.S. That cloud over the crowd isn't fog...

Annnd immediately afterwards, the police rush the field to get everyone to go home... you showed us, occifers

Really, everyone rushed across the street for munchies

This line was like 100 people long

Some of us don't know our limit...
 All in all, it was a good day. I dunno how clear we made it that weed shouldn't be legal, but hey, at least we all got real high.
Oh yeah, feel the love


  1. I remember that from when I lived in Westminster. Haha, crazy Boulder.

  2. well pot may be illegal but at least it's easy to get still.

  3. That sounds pretty cool wish I could come

  4. I used to smoke way to much weed! I miss it sometimes :(

    You should read about Mobys Latest Purchase if you have some free time. I am a very dedicated follower! :)

  5. Man you had a hell of a time there! I've never tried pot, but I'd love to :D It's good that you have a 'legal' protest about weed.

  6. Oh weed is so expensive and hard to get in this city, I really want a toke right no, would be perfect thing to mellow me out

  7. Good old Bananas, always there for a smoke out

  8. Great snaps mate, looks like it would have been a wicked time

  9. Looks like fun. I was dry this year, it was very sad...

  10. Souds like hippie party... dont want

  11. Shame I missed it, theres always next year

  12. Haha, I would've loved to have been there!